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On Demand Staffing is a Niagara-based employment agency dedicated to helping connect job seekers with their dream position. We'll work with you to assess your skillset, availability and experience level to craft the perfect opportunity.

Trusted by over 1,000+ workers in our community

Over the past decade, On Demand Staffing has had the pleasure of connecting thousands of community members with meaningful work in Niagara.

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Tajay M


“My experience with On Demand staffing has been great, this staffing agency has worked to give me so many job experience and opportunities. I highly recommend On Demand staffing for those who are serious about finding work.”

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Melissa R.


“I had the pleasure of having Andrea as my contact at On Demand Staffing. With her unreserved assistance, I was able to successfully use the hours I worked at my placement toward my college co-op. She was very helpful and accommodating from the onset.”

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Rafael O


“I have worked multiple events for on demand staffing, everytime its been more enjoyable than the last.  Every employee from management to the people I've worked with have been courteous and professional. A fun part of the atmosphere is its dynamic nature and each event can be unique.”

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Gerlie J


“I signed up with On Demand Staffing a couple of months ago. Fantastic and excellent happy to work with them. Andrea was the one who helped me out...she’s really nice and very professional. Thank you so much Andrea.”

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For over a decade, OnDemand Staffing has been connecting Niagara residents with high-earning, well-positioned opportunities. Our team and systems have grown, but our mission remains the same from day one; to support our community with access to safe employment.

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